What Is Liquid Metal and How Can I Work With It?

Breaking down the latest material innovation, liquid metal, in this blog post for you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 

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What is liquid metal?

Liquid metal is a process where real metal is combined with a binder to convert it into a liquid form and thus make it sprayable and texturable. Once applied to a base, it will dry out and retain all the inherent qualities of metal like its lustre, conductivity and reaction with oxygen. We at Evolve, are the pioneers of liquid metal finishes in India since 2014. 

So when should one use liquid metal?

Liquid metal helps you craft real metal surfaces. So if you’re looking to design seamless metal walls, facades, tables or curved surfaces, liquid metal is a great solution.

Since it’s sprayable, you don’t need to cast a furniture piece or have welding lines visible between two metal sheets. You can also texture metal in its liquid form before it dries up, thus making it possible to craft unlimited textures in metal and create unique bespoke surfaces.

Liquid metal is not a substitute for metal sheets, in fact it has been innovated to surpass the limitation of metal sheets. This material will change the way you work and see metal, since it makes it easy and flexible to design and experiment with metal.

What surfaces can liquid metal be applied on to?

Liquid metal can be applied onto any base substrate - be it wood, MDF, acrylic, ceramic, tiles, ACP, fabric or even concrete. Since liquid metal coating is like forming a 1mm veneer layer on the base, we recommend using a highly durable and lightweight base to reap the benefits of this material. At Evolve, we usually work with MDF for interiors and furniture pieces, ACP for exteriors and WPC for wet areas.

Base  Substrates Suitable For Application Of Liquid Metal

What is the life of this material?

In our formulation, we’ve ensured high adhesion of the material to the base substrate, thus the life of the material depends on your base. Unless the substrate cracks, the liquid metal coating won’t give away. There may be cracking or peeling if the appropriate after care is not taken; meaning, if you’ve cleaned it with an acidic cleaner or if there is any mechanical abrasion.

How to work with liquid metal?

Liquid metal is available in the form of raw material as well as pre-designed panels that can be used to clad walls, furniture and doors.

If you are a contractor or product manufacturer and are looking to experiment and craft your own textures with liquid metal, you can work with the raw material that’s available with us in the form of kits. A 1kg kit will give you approximately 6 - 8 sq.ft coverage based on the texture. The prices vary by metal, and can be found on our online store. The kits can also be reused on other projects if you have material left.

If you are a designer or end client, you can directly purchase pre-designed texture panels for your projects. These panels can be installed just like one installs veneers or laminate. Cut, glue, stick, done. 

Where can you design with liquid metal?

You can design all surfaces except the flooring with Evolve’s liquid metal material. A short summation of the areas include but are not limited to:

Liquid Metal Design Lobby


Liquid Metal Design Living Room

Living Room

Liquid Metal Design Bedroom


Liquid Metal Design Entrance Door


Liquid Metal Design Furniture


Liquid Metal Design Partition


Liquid Metal Design Signage


and many more...

How to decide when to use liquid metal?

If you want to work with new and different metal textures, craft lightweight metal furniture pieces and doors, or want a seamless metal surface, that’s when liquid metal is a great solution for you. 

If you are looking to craft with liquid metal, here are few links that would be helpful for you to explore:

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