‘The Artistry Collection’ - Bold Wall Art Pieces For One-Of-A-Kind Spaces

Choosing the perfect wall art for your space can often be a tricky process. This single design element has the ability to not only captivate the eye, but also help define the tone and aura of any space. Therefore to help you elevate the opulence quotient of your interiors effortlessly, we bring to you ‘The Artistry Collection’. 

Crafted with an amalgamation of aesthetic sensibilities and technological innovation, this wall art range consists of statement making versatile pieces that are designed to resonate the walls of your home to your personality. The designs and well balanced textures of these wall art pieces beautifully reflect the simple elements of nature and everyday life, and can therefore help in pulling the entire space together and making it feel complete. 

  • Arabia
  • Inspired by the topography of sand dunes, this wall art piece can create a warm and majestic ambience in your home almost instantly. While the gleaming gold resembles radiant rays of sunlight, the abstract texture gives the space a scintillating and authentic desert like vibe. 

  • Copper Marsh
  • Reminiscent of the unconventional and rustic marshy lands, this wall art piece personifies the beauty of nature and its abstractness. An ideal choice for someone who appreciates and enjoys the freedom to explore, experiment and create meaning. 


  • Dahlia Duos
  • Depicting a subtle, sleek and modern interpretation of flowers, this wall art piece is the ideal buy for all those outdoor landscape enthusiasts.


  • Floral Dispora
  • This beautiful geometric pattern strikes the perfect balance between vintage chic and modern aesthetics. The antique gold adds a touch of grandeur to the space making it look bold yet effortless. 


  • Helico
  • The beauty of this wall art piece lies in its imperfections. Balancing between symmetrical and asymmetrical lines, these semi concentric rings can instantly add a rustic vibe to your space making it look timeless. 


  • Moon Craters
  • For all those who admire the mystical, extraterrestrial phenomena, this wall art piece transforms you to the Moon and back with its monochromatic colour scheme and authentic crater-like surface texture. 


  • Paisley Duos
  • Wondering how to incorporate the rawness of nature in a sophisticated design element? This wall art piece is ideal for those who are looking to illuminate their homes with a grand, artistic statement combined with the grace of flora. 


  • Royal Drip
  • Nothing catches the eye more than a vibrant and contemporary wall art frame. Reminiscent of a beach with the sumptuous gold sands, and the turquoise blue oceans, this celestial piece instantly lifts up the mood of the space making it look both magnificent and modern. 


  • Royal Relics
  • For all those who admire the beauty of Indian history and culture, this wall art piece beautifully displays the intricate ‘Jaali’ design that is often found on heritage monuments such as forts, palaces and worship places. 


  • Sature
  • This wall art piece attempts to bring out the sheer elegance and distinctive texture of Satin. The intricate weave texture and abstract design adds a sense of realness and authenticity thus ensuring you achieve a harmonious interior. 


    For the ever-changing tastes and preferences of all you homeowners today, our ‘Artistry Collection’ aims to provide you with intricately designed, highly stylized and pocket friendly pieces of home decor wall art. So for all those with a keen eye for beauty and detail, purchase your favourite pieces to amp up and add life to the mundane walls of your home right away! 

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