Automated Drying Racks - Making Everyday Life Simple With Innovation

We can all agree that drying laundry is not one of our favorite daily activities. I wonder why? Is it because it’s extremely tiring and full of effort? Or because there is never enough space to dry the whole load in one time. Making you do your laundry in bits and pieces? This is what led us to introduce the Remote Operated Clothes Drying Rack! A hassle-free solution to drying a full load of your laundry without the worry of saggy ropes or congested floor spaces.

Operation of Ceiling Mounted Automated Drying Racks

The very obvious benefit is that it is mounted on your ceiling, thus freeing up a lot of floor space for you to move around or store some more of your furniture and other belongings. Additionally, it instantly gives your space a modern look, because ropes are so 90’s! Apart from being tucked away safely from the eyesight level, there are so many more benefits. Watch the video below to know more about the product.

The many benefits of the drying rack:

  • No more breaking your backs climbing over balconies or reaching out for high ropes! Just press the remote button and the hanger rods will come down for you to hang your clothes at ease.
  • With these racks, you will also not have to worry about climbing on tall stools, thus negating all the other problems that come handy with it.
  • Now that you do not have any stools to climb on or balconies to bend over, you can easily negate any backaches or similar problems that are a part and parcel of drying clothes.
  • The remote operated hanger also has 28 hanger slots available for you to hang a greater number of clothes at once. So, no matter how much laundry you do, you can easily dry them all together without worrying about the availability of space.
  • The remote operated drying rack has 4 rods, each of 4 feet length which are expandable up to 7 feet. Plus, the use of stainless steel guarantees superior quality and longevity and is also perfect for Indian weather conditions.
  • Whether you are drying your bed sheets, jeans, pillow covers or blankets, this rack can surely bear it all without giving up, thus making the process fun and breezy!
  • The automated drying racks are ideal to be hung from ceilings that are about 10 to 12 feet high. The rods can come down up to 5 feet in height for your ease of use.
  • This innovative drying rack also has a sensor button that detects human activities and automatically stops functioning. Thus you and the rack both are safe from any harm or damage. 

How do you install it?

You can get the Automated Drying rack installed in your homes by any local carpenter. It is absolutely easy to install and can be done within just an hour. All you or your carpenter need to check is the availability of proper electric sockets for hassle-free connection just like any other electronic device. Besides, we also provide you with a CD that has all the detailed instructions for installation to make it easier for you.


“Very innovative product, and easy for maids to use. Drying clothes has become a tension-free activity now” 
~ Preeti Gandhi, Mumbai

“Have been using this rack for over 2 years now and totally love it! Evolve provides for great after-sales service, as the machine was making too much noise, and they very promptly fixed it”
~ Priyanka Arora, Mumbai

“Great product, installed 2 in my own home, and they really make the process of drying clothes easy and fun. I now help my wife with the laundry load. Super simple installation process. Just make sure you don’t overload it”
~ Anupam Mugatwala, Mumbai 

Automated Drying Rack installed in an interior space

Automated Drying Rack installed in a living room

Automated Drying Rack installed in a balcony

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